Science Technology Innovation Mathematics Engineering for the Young

STIMEY completely redefines the concept of teaching and learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to young people from 10 to 18 years old.

STIMEY is about Technology

Without technology we would have never reached the stars.

STIMEY is about Science

Science is the basic foundation of the progress of humanity.

STIMEY is about Engineering

Learning and sharing how to apply methodologies and solve problems are vital skills to have nowadays.

STIMEY is about the Young

It involves young people from 10 to 18 years old, but also parents, teachers and other major institutions in order to consider society as a whole.

STIMEY is about Innovation

Combining socially assistive robots, web applications, radio broadcasts and many more, STIMEY is designed to redefine the concept of learning.
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    Past technology

    Complement your teaching and learning with the classical yet wonderful Radio STIMEY broadcasts. Radio STIMEY will revolutionize how young people perceive STEM with its collaborative activities and events. Let’s face it, radio will never retire.

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    Present technology

    We are currently living in the era of social networks and websites. The online STIMEY Educational Platform will provide you with fun tools and elements to engage, entertain and educate our young people.

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    Future technology

    The Golden Era of Robots is just starting. Get your personalized mentor that will guide you in the process of discovering the world of STEM. The STIMEY Socially Assistive Robotic Artefacts will not just be your pal, but also motivate and entertain you while you learn STEM or just for a chat.

Do you want to collaborate?

If you are a teacher or you represent a school, university, institution or a cultural association, you can join the project and work with us to make STIMEY even greater.

STIMEY is everywhere

You can find us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. Receive daily news, reviews and entertainment on your favourite social media.