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The STIMEY project started on September 1, 2016, and has a duration of 3 years. During the first 6 months of the project, our experts will be crafting the foundation of the project and forming relationships with stakeholders and special target groups throughout Europe. For these reasons we would like to have your collaboration, whether you represent a school, an educational institute, a governmental institute, a research group/team/center, an association related to science or learning or a company, we will be pleased to have your expertise.

What do you get from STIMEY?

As mentioned earlier STIMEY is interested in shared experience, knowledge, opinion, observation, etc. from its growing list of stakeholders and collaborators. Many have already joined, and that’s because STIMEY values its stakeholders and gives bi-directional feedback in terms of dissemination. STIMEY can launch your popularity not only in your country but in the whole European community. Although you will obtain both educational and technology acknowledgment, you could also get exclusive dissemination packs, containing the very first STIMEY Robots, for free. The latter is specially oriented to schools and science organizations, but any stakeholder that has a large enough implication in the project can aspire to obtain all the available tiers.

What does STIMEY ask for?

With regards to dissemination and promotion of the various STIMEY elements (platform, radio, robot, etc.). After the first 6 months and throughout the lifecycle of the project the area of collaboration will be more specific to each stakeholder and the specific organization, taking into consideration the organization’s area of knowledge and expertise. Most of the collaboration will be based on your past experience, contacts, influence in STEM society and communities. This collaboration could be as simple and important as just an opinion/reaction/concerns to a specific STIMEY element.

Students, Teachers, Parents, Companies, etc.

From target groups like students, teachers, and parents we would like them to help us in this tailored design of the different STIMEY elements through participating in focus groups held in their schools. Participating in surveys, questionnaires, opinion blogs, etc. on the STIMEY Website ( Special emphasis will be made on teachers’/parents’ concerns about young people’s knowledge/ambitions and the requirements needed to attend to their concerns and achieving STIMEY’s goals.

Companies with or without interest in STEM will have the opportunity through STIMEY to help shape the skills they need in their future employees.

As mentioned before the special target groups are an important influence in STIMEY but not the only one, in reaching its goals. Stakeholders like Institution, Museum, Educational Centers, Enterprise, Individuals, etc. collaboration and interest are utmost welcomed by the STIMEY Consortium.

Educational Associations, Institutions, Centers, etc.

If the organization has managed events related to STEM / Robotics or just have an interest, we welcome their opinion and suggestions related to bringing STEM to the wider society. One of the most valid contributions you can make is sharing our endeavor with your contacts (schools, institutes, etc.) that you have established in past collaborations, that might be willing to take part in our pilots activities and surveys.

The organizations/centers that play a successful role in the dissemination of STIMEY will surely be rewarded with the STIMEY dissemination pack that could include the STIMEY Robot.

Government Institutions, Investigation centers, STEM/Robotic specialized organizations, etc.

We would like your feedback and concern through surveys, questionnaires, opinion blogs, etc. on the STIMEY Website. Topics in consideration would be, the lacks of STEM knowledge among young people, suggestions about the subject areas to be reinforced in the STIMEY pedagogical framework, learning, and security, etc.

It is also important to the European Union that the project has the approval/support of government institutions/organizations and research centers related to STEM and/or robotics.

Your involvement will not only give the project credibility but shows our young people you care and that will send a clear message that we are all in this together to take STEM to the European youth. The judicial and ethics expertise are of utmost importance so that the STIMEY project creates the best STEM educational environment for the 21st century while taking into consideration territorial laws and ethics.

Museums, Hobbyists, Recreational centers, Youth groups, STEM/Robotics Bloggers, etc.

This sector can help STIMEY to make STEM more social, fun and friendly by providing us with data, survey results, analyzed statistics, the demand among the youth, trends, changes in society, etc. The art and passion that moves the European youth and how STEM can be apart of the movement. STIMEY wants to make STEM a part of young people’s daily conversation and future endeavor. The STIMEY research team knows that your sector will play one of the most vital parts in making STEM fun and interesting. Get involve through surveys, questionnaires, opinion blogs, etc. on the STIMEY Website.

All Stakeholders and Target Groups:

Your contribution to the STIMEY project can be expressed through:
  • Providing learning material content (text, serious games, web publication links, etc.).
  • Providing the place to execute congresses.
  • Participating in STIMEY Focus Group, Piloting, Seminars, Information Day, etc.
  • Participating in STIMEY online surveys, questionnaires, opinion blogs, etc. on the STIMEY Website.
  • Subscribing to STIMEY newsletter, youtube channel, etc.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Tell your friends and family about STIMEY.
  • Sharing the passion you feel for STEM/Robotic.

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