The new age of the radio

The world of communication is growing and growing without rest, and although it has a classic origin, the radio is not behind it. Nowadays, two different tendencies are growing in the scope of the Radio 2.0.

RADIO “À la carte

Just like series or films, with this kind of radio we can enjoy all the programs we want, regardless the moment of the day or the place. Missing our favorite content stopped being a problem, because with radio “À la carte” we have access to everything in an instant. Just in the palm of our hands.


The powerful STIMEY Radio belongs to this category. With a much more scoped public, ready to listen, know and learn, a thematic radio can exponentially increase the audience satisfaction. Thematic radios specialize in a particular population subset, although STIMEY Radio will have funny and educative content for a wide range of young people.

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