Present technologies: Social Networks and Websites

Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are nowadays vastly extended and used in all levels of society. Their multiple features and variants have managed to redefine the concept of socialization, turning it into something completely new.

Social networks give young people the power to express opinions, ideas and feelings in an easy and constant way. STIMEY pretends to use this power by developing a web platform where students can share their opinions and be in contact with people of their same interest while they get immersed in STEM knowledge. The assimilation of social media features, as share, like or comment, will suppose an already walked path, and will help with the integration of the new pedagogical methods.

Analyzing the set of basic competencies of the standard European student, a lack of entrepreneurial skills has also been detected. In primary schools and high schools, students learn Mathematics, Grammar, Literature, English… but there’s usually no subject which helps the students to develop their capacity to produce ideas, to grow them and to finally present them to the world.

In the long-term, these skills are extremely important in the working world, and STIMEY pretends to boost them by the creation and development of STEM projects in the educational platform. By this, students will be able to observe other people’s projects and work together, earning a feeling of success and usefulness in the process.

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