What is STIMEY?

The STIMEY project started on September 1, 2016 and has a duration of 3 years.

STIMEY is a learning environment which combines powerful technologies, supported by pedagogical investigations and social media in an effort to bring science and society together in Europe. This will consequently increase the continent’s international competitiveness while STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education become more reachable/social/fun to European youths which in turn will raise their interests and involvement in STEM careers. The STIMEY project proposes an educational platform with multi-level components, designed and developed on the base of a well-researched pedagogical framework, which aims to make STEM education more attractive to young people from age 10 to 18 years old. Universities, schools, teachers, students, parents, business and media come together to complete a circle in which STEM becomes a part of European young people’s daily life through an educational portal that also prepares them for future careers.

The socially motivational fun platform for emotional, entertaining and educational engagement, herein referred to as the STIMEY (Science, Technology, Ingeniería, Mathematics, Engineering for the Young) platform, will combine:

to educate, engage and increase the youth’s interest in STEM education and careers. The STIMEY platform, with individual and group e-portfolios, will be designed to tap into the children’s curiosity and motivations from a young age of 10 - 18yrs. The STIMEY platform will take into account the specific needs of girls and boys, to be attracted and stay with STEM in a social collaborative environment through serious gaming and healthy competition among peers. The STIMEY platform will give teachers the necessary modern tools to deliver STEM education in an attractive and engaging manner in-class, while also following up on students’ progress outside of class.

STEM is an acronym of the words Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; academic disciplines in which lots of university degrees are founded. They're the base in which humanity's scientific progress backs up, as well as subjects of wide acknowledgement. The STIMEY project acknowledges the deficiency that exist among the European youth in STEM and wants to approach it in a unique way by involving young people, parents, teachers, business, associations, governmental institutions, etc. in the design and testing of the fun friendly STIMEY educational environment.

One of the STIMEY educational environment goal is to remodel the teaching and learning system which is still tied to the past in many European countries, thereby increasing the overall interest in degrees related to STEM. STIMEY will guide the youth’s vision towards STEM as they engage in youthful behaviours. STIMEY will accompany teachers and parents with 21st century didactic resources that the STIMEY pedagogical platform will provide. Parents are one of the most important target group that will take STEM to the next level through their involvement in their child’s educational entertainment and fun through STIMEY.

STIMEY Members / Consortium

STIMEY is quite an ambitious project, already recognized by the European Financing Program Horizon 2020, which awarded the project proposal with a grade of 15 points out of a total of 15 points, is to say 100% . The implicated members are five universities, a multimedia company, a radio broadcasting company and a gender-balance organization (geographical localization in 5 countries Spain, Germany, Belarus, Greece and Finland ).

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