What is STIMEY?

Have you ever thought about how can technology improve teaching and learning? STIMEY redefines these concepts by combining all the good things of technologies from the past (radio broadcast), the present (websites and social media) and the future (robots).

The project considers STEM subjects, like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and young people from 10 to 18 years old. The online platform acts as an entry point for accessing courses, creating new ones, discovering new programs and events and interacting with an intelligent yet friendly robot that children will be allowed to take home.

STIMEY is supported by a pedagogical team with years of experience, and cares not only about learning, but also about the student’s feelings, likings and their integration in society. It also offers serious games, entrepreneurial tools and can be extended by the community to ensure the quality and variety of its contents.

STIMEY Meeting in Cadiz

Facts about the project

STIMEY is an European Project financed by Horizon2020, the Framework Programme For Research and Innovation, and obtained a perfect score. It is currently being developed by five universities, a multimedia company, a radio broadcasting company and a gender balance organization, all from Spain, Germany, Belarus, Greece and Finland.

The project started on September 1, 2016 and has a duration of 3 years. Whether you are a teacher, a representative of an education-related institution or you are developing another European Project, we are open to new stakeholders. If you want to become a STIMEY Stakeholder, you will obtain all the information you need in this website.

STIMEY is the combination of...

Socially Assistive Robot

One of the most powerful features that STIMEY offers is the highly customisable and upgradable STIMEY Robot. It is designed to provide full integration with the framework, and also has emotion detection, smartphone integration and social capabilities.

24 Hours Radio

STIMEY complements all its courses and activities with an online radio that broadcasts STEM-related programs for young people from 10 to 18 years old. Take your learning even further by listening to our live activities and joining our global events.                .

Online Platform

The STIMEY Online Platform is where everything converges. You can find everything there, from the learning courses to information about the robot, the radio and the serious games. Access all the resources that STIMEY offers with just one click.

Serious Games

Serious Games are designed for entertainment purposes, but they are fun to play too. Earn learning points while you understand how the world works, and share your achievements with the rest of your friends to grow as a community.            

What is the next step?

 You can contact us by email or learn how to get involved in the project